Case Analysis Tool

Effective data analysis is key to reducing road risk enabling a targeted approach to be made to reduce accidents. This requires clear persuasive evidence pinpointing the cause of accidents and to assist with the assessment of claims data Allianz have developed the Case Analysis Tool (CAT) which provides a breakdown of accident experiences categorised by:

Case Analysis Tool Criteria
Criteria Description
Driver Name To promote individual training/development needs
Driver Age Helping to measure and shape driver selection/recruitment
Circumstance Code Assigning claims to one of 24 codes to help detect areas requiring priority treatment
Vehicle Type Identifying which vehicles are producing the accidents to help prioritise remedial action
Depot For large clients with different operating depots we can identify which locations are involved in the greatest number of accident
Report Date Providing a comparative analysis of the relationship between the date of the accident and the date it was notified. Prompt accident notification is vital to controlling the cost of claims
Customised Facility CAT supports analysis of combinations of the above options (e.g. a report could be extracted relating to an individual driver and chosen circumstance).

Any request for CAT data must be made and will be supplied via your broker.