Vehicle keys that are left in vehicles outside business hours have proven to be a major contributing factor to recent losses. One way of reducing vehicle theft and to improve overall security standards is to install a high security key cabinet.

Securikey is a leading supplier of security cabinets and has produced wall mounted key cabinets since 1973.

Key features include

  • Designed for all security environments, these cabinets are made of 3mm steel plate with a 6mm steel door.
  • They are fitted with a seven lever lock operated by a double bit key, throwing a horizontal bolt and two vertical locking bars.
  • A three-wheel combination lock and an electronic key pad lock are also available.
  • They can accommodate up to 300 sets of keys.

Vehicle Key Security

A high security key cabinet is built more like a safe than a standard key cabinet. Therefore it is stronger and able to resist most concerted

Allianz in partnership with Securikey have negotiated substantial discounts from normal book rates for the high security range. This is in recognition of the efforts by responsible companies to overcome security problems.

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