Stolen vehicle recovery system

Risk management is one of the most important factors in running a modern day business. The hidden costs and effects of theft such as disruption, late deliveries and the inconvenience to you go way beyond the settlement cheque and cannot be refunded.

In order to help you manage this factor both operationally and financially and to protect you from the effect, Allianz has teamed up with TRACKER to offer a range of products to help in the risk management of your insured fleet of vehicles.

Proven technology

All TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery products use VHF radio wave technology. The unit in the stolen vehicle emits a silent, uniquely coded signal that can be located in underground car parks, garages, buildings, or even steel containers. A nationwide network of transmitters then picks up the activated signal and relays it to police patrol cars and helicopters fitted with tracking computers to track and locate the stolen vehicle, normally within a few hours.

A range of systems are available and in addition to the VHF radio wave technology fitted across the entire range, some of the systems include GPS to provide dual tracking technology to maximise the chances of a successful recovery.

Solutions available to Allianz policyholders

As an Allianz Policyholder, you can enjoy a £100 discount on the unit cost (subscription costs as standard).

  • TRACKER Monitor – this product has a sophisticated movement sensor, which notifies TRACKER if the vehicle is illegally moved. When TRACKER is alerted to an illegal movement the owner is contacted to confirm whether the vehicle has been stolen. Monitor Unit – £361 Allianz price £261
  • TRACKER Locate – like Monitor, this product incorporates a sophisticated movement sensor which notifies TRACKER if the vehicle is illegally moved. The product also provides jamming counter measures, in response to the growing problem of thieves ‘jamming’ tracking devices. The unit incorporates two means of communicating the location using VHF/GSM technology and three means of locating a stolen vehicle using VHF/GSM/GPS technology.
    Locate Unit – £462 Allianz price £362

How to find out more

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