Business Motor Claims

For information on making a commercial motor claim, such as what we will require and contact details, select one of the options below.

Making a claim

By phone:

0370 606 4912

By email:

By post:

Allianz Claims
PO Box 10509
51 Saffron Road
LE18 9FP

You can contact Autoglass directly for windscreen claims using the online booking form specially created for Allianz policyholders. 

click here to arrange repair or replacement

Alternatively, call the number below;

Tel: 0844 875 2490

What we need

To help us get the claim moving quickly, please provide us with the following information when reporting the claim:

  • The driver's name
  • The driver's home address and distance to where the driver works, whether this is the main office, a branch office, a depot (depot code or details for the branch to which the driver is connected will be required). Otherwise, state if the driver works from home
  • Driver's date of birth
  • The duration that the driver has held a full UK driving licence
  • The driver's occupation
  • Any previous convictions and what they were
  • The driver's previous claims history
  • Any medical conditions that the driver may suffer from
  • Vehicle's registration
  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • Details of the incident
  • A valid crime reference number and details of the police constabulary dealing with the incident (if applicable)
  • Details of any lease/financial company interest
  • Full circumstances leading up to the incident.

What Autoglass will need

Autoglass will require sight of your insurance certificate and payment of the policy excess. They will then invoice us directly, at which point the claim will be set up and, providing all is in order, we will issue settlement.

Policy cover confirmation

Once cover has been confirmed we will either:

  • Instruct one of our network of approved repairers and suppliers, subject to your agreement
  • Request the necessary documents, such as repair estimates.

We may request photos of the damage, and so you should take these as soon as possible. It would be advisable to take close-ups of damage and the point of entry (as applicable).

We endeavour to confirm cover and collect all required information during the first call but, for some larger or more complex products or loss types, it may be necessary to revert to our underwriters. In such cases, we will look to carry out the necessary checks within 48 hours.

Allianz SiteView

Allianz SiteView supports the claims process by enabling you to share digital media such as photographs, CCTV and dashcam footage through a secure link issued by our claims handlers.

SiteView can capture the media regardless of the device that it was obtained on and provides Allianz with a view of the footage through a secure website. 


  • Quick and easy to use, enabling transfer of media from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device
  • Secure capture, storage and erasure of personal data
  • Speedier claims journey - providing an instant view of the shared media without the need to download and post footage.

Have footage to share with us?

Please speak to our Claims team who will guide you through the process and issue a secure link via email or text.

Repairing your vehicle

If you repair your own vehicles or have a preferred repairer, one of our engineers will make contact within 48 hours of receiving details so that an inspection can be arranged at a suitable time and we can quickly authorise the repair. We will agree costs with the repairer and pay the balance directly to them. You will pay the policy excess and, if you are VAT registered, the VAT.

We have a range of approved repairers that can provide many types of repairs at your convenience. They can also self-authorise repairs to speed up the process:

  • Fix Auto and Nationwide - vehicle repair management solutions 
  • Vizion - prestige vehicle solutions
  • AutoRestore -  mobile repair solution allowing for on-site repair, minimising the time the vehicle is off the road
  • Autoglass – windscreen repair or replacement at a location convenient for you.

When instructed, Fix Auto and Nationwide will:

  • Contact you by telephone within 60 minutes 
  • Offer next working day collection of their vehicle
  • Offer a free courtesy vehicle or preferential rates for a like-for-like hire vehicle
  • All work carried out comes with a 5 year guarantee on repairs carried out to BSI Kitemark PAS 125 accreditation.

We have a dedicated team who will proactively manage the approved repairer process to ensure repairs are completed within set timescales and you are kept informed throughout.

learn more about approved repairers

ActiveWeb - our repair tracking website

If your vehicle is being repaired by one of our approved repairers, you can check the progress of the repair at any time using our ActiveWeb website.

Once the vehicle has been booked in we’ll send you a text message with your ActiveWeb login details, enabling access to details of the repair.

You can find out the estimated completion date and read any additional comments added by the repairer. You can also message the repairer with any queries you might have. 

Injury claims and rehabilitation

Our personal injury teams have extensive experience in assessing liability, the anticipated cost of claims, and achieving the most favourable settlements within the timescales set by the MoJ reforms.

In addition, we have a team of experienced medical professionals that will assess the injured third party’s needs and activate a tailored rehabilitation programme as required.

International claims

Our multi-lingual international claims team have contacts across the global Allianz network, enabling them to handle all claims with a foreign element, including incidents that occur overseas.

Total losses (write-offs)

If a vehicle is considered to be a total loss, our vehicle valuations team will work with you and other internal teams to achieve a fair settlement within 5 days of referral.


Once the settlement has been agreed and/or the final invoices received, we will arrange settlement by BACS or cheque. The excess will be taken from the settlement as well as any VAT, if you are not VAT registered.

If another party is at fault, wholly or in part, we will contact them, stating that we require reimbursement for our outlay. We will also appoint solicitors* to deal with any uninsured losses that you may incur (e.g. policy excess or hire costs). They will also help your driver make a claim against the responsible party if they have been injured.

If your driver is at fault, we make contact with the third party and offer to repair their vehicle and provide them with a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repairs. If a third party vehicle is declared beyond economical repair, our vehicle valuations team will agree a value with them.

If the accident is a combination of fault, we will liaise with all parties to resolve. 

*Only applicable if you have motor legal expenses insurance.

Hints and tips

Visit Risk Director for advice and guidance to prevent further damage or losses occurring and to avoid future accidents or theft incidents.

Once you are logged into Risk Director, you will be able to download our Motor Fleet Risk Management Guide, in addition to relevant risk control notes on topics, such as:

  • Accident investigation
  • Accident recording and reporting
  • Buying a safe (for key storage and management)
  • External security lighting
  • Installing a CCTV system
  • Lone and mobile workers
  • Stolen vehicle tracking systems
  • Workplace transport.