Complete Cargo

Complete Cargo protects your goods whilst being transported around the world – whether by road, rail, sea or air – or while in storage in the UK.

Designed for small to medium sized businesses that import and/or export goods, such as manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors, Complete Cargo ensures your client’s goods are protected during loading and unloading, while in storage, or while being transported – domestically or internationally.

Key Features of Complete Cargo

  • All Risks cover for goods – covers loss or damage to goods whilst in transit (unless otherwise excluded)
  • General Average and Salvage – covers your contribution towards expenditure or voluntary sacrifice of cargo in order to prevent further loss to vessel/cargo
  • War Risks – covered whilst goods are aboard a vessel
  • Terrorism – full terrorism cover during the course of transit and up to £100,000 whilst in storage
  • Exhibition Risks – for two UK exhibitions, for up to 30 days and up to £25,000 each
  • Airfreight Replacement – up to 25% of the value of the Goods or £20,000 per event
  • Tools or Samples – for up to two vehicles and £5,000 per vehicle.

Optional Cover

  • Storage – covers loss or damage to goods whilst held in storage at up to 10 locations.

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